Tue, December 12, 2017

Grade 7 Social Studies Curriculum Overview


In Grade 7 Social Studies, the students will embark on a wonderful historical adventure as they will be studying the topic of United States History. The course curriculum will begin in the early 1600’s as we will examine the development of the early American identity.  In this unit, the students will first explore the lands of North America prior to European settlement and will experience the different lifestyles of America's first natives and how they adapted to the many environmental factors of North America.  With the arrival of European explorers and settlers, the students' next task will be to analyze the many motives of European exploration and the positive and negative impacts of their arrival. The next unit of study focuses on the American colonies and how geography affected their economic, social, and political development.  From here, we will venture into an investigation of the Roots of our Representative Government.  In this unit, we will study the historic struggles between the Mother Country (Great Britain) and her colonies that led to the rising tensions between the British Government and the American colonies.  As you know, these particular tensions would later lead to the colonists’ declaration of independence and the eruption of the American Revolutionary War.  Following a Revolutionary War victory and the birth of a new nation, America was faced with the difficult task of installing a government structure that could run a country.  Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, the new nation and its framers struggled to find the perfect government system.  After failures and lessons learned, our founding fathers finally arrived at the ultimate solution: The US Constitution.  With the framework of our government structure in place, we will then observe the growth and change of America as it progressed through the early presidential administrations.