Tue, December 12, 2017
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Clark Mills Administrative Wing
36 Gordons Corner Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726
Telephone: 732-786-2750,  Fax: 732-786-2751

The department is divided into two components: one is SERVICE, and the other is INSTRUCTION.

The SERVICE component consists of the child study teams (school psychologist, school social worker, and learning disabilities teacher-consultant), school counselors, health services (school nurses, school physician and medical consultants) and attendance services.

The INSTRUCTION component consists of Special Education Programs (special education classes and resource rooms), supplemental instruction, speech correction, individual (home) services, I&RS (Intervention & Referral Service), and basic skills programs (BSI).

Pupil Personnel Services cooperates with the building principal in providing SERVICE and INSTRUCTION to students with special needs.  The department cooperates with parents of all students enrolled with the Manalapan-Englistown Regional Schools.


Director of Special Education Georgianna Petillo
Supervisor of Special Education

 Cindy Cimino

Supervisor of Special Education Kim DiMarco
Office Support  Andrea Bolton
  Joann Damante
  Kati Radman
Physician Dr. Jose Lopez
Neurologist Dr. Dorothy Pietrucha
Nurses Clark Mills - Caroline Cascella
  ELC - Maria Milazzo
  Lafayette Mills - Debbie Lee
  MEMS - Roberta Portilla
  MERS Float Nurse - Kathy Goldstein 
  Milford Brook - Laura McKenna
  Pine Brook - Charisse Pliszak
  Taylor Mills - Donna Ross
  Wemrock Brook - Cheryl Cammarata
LDT-C's Iris Dorsky
  Theresa Macaluso
  Alicia Minerva
  Heather Mistry
  Lisa Reiser
  Danielle Stanley
 Psychologist Meagan Longo
  Kaela Malka
  Natasha Manolas
  Valentina Ward
  Jacqueline Widom
  Megan Riddlesperger
  Chelsea Virgadamo
Social Workers Jill Berlin
  Katherine Neff
  Amy Russin
  Robyn Waller