Sunday, March 29, 2015

  Welcome To The Early Learning Center  


 In March, there 

 will be a lot of 

 good luck at the ELC


 90 Minute Delay Schedule 

 CM Kindergarten - 9:40 

 ELC Kindergarten - 10:50 

 AM Preschool - 11:20 

 PM Preschool - 1:10 

 Full Day Preschool - 11:20 


  Early Dismissal Schedule  

  CM Kindergarten - 8:10 to 12:10  

  ELC Kindergarten - 9:20 to 1:20  

    AM Preschool - 9:50 to 11:05  

    PM Preschool - 11:05 to 12:20

Full Day Preschool - 9:50 to 12:20 


 Important Dates 

Mar. 2nd -  Wear your favorite pajamas. 

Mar. 3rd -Wear your favorite hat and bring in your favorite 


Mar. 4th - Wear silly socks. 

Mar. 5th - Wear your favorite color. 

Mar. 6th - Wear blue and white. 

Mar. 8th - Spring ahead, Daylight Savings begins 

Mar. 13th -School Spirit Day! Wear blue and white

Mar. 17th -Wear green for St. Patrick's Day! 

Mar. 17th, 18th, 19th - PTA Book Fair

Mar. 19th - PTA Meeting at 7:00pm 

Mar. 20th - First day of spring. Wear a spring color. 

Mar. 20th - March Birthday Celebrations 

Mar. 25th - Early Dismissal for Evening Conferences 

Mar. 26th - Early Dismissal for Evening Conferences     

Mar. 27th - Early Dismissal for Afternoon Conferences 



  Kindergarten Sight Words

     ** It is important for all students to know these words! **

  me      I       like      the       my      see  

  a        to      you      here      is       are

  said     look    have     come     go       do

  play     with    was      of        from    he

  what    there   your     they      she     put

  were    very    into


Congratulations to Lisa Miller the ELC's Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Pamela Dorman the ELC's Support Staff Person of the Year!

Our ELC Speech Teachers at the MEEA FIT Night!