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September 3rd: 1st Grade Orientation- Please bring all school supplies with you! 

September 4th: First Day of School

September 22nd: Back-to-school Night

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As we approach the summer months, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of summer reading.  Reading regularly could be the most profitable activity your child can partake in this summer! Research has shown that “unless students read regularly during school breaks, they can fall behind three months in their reading achievement”. (Scholastic Instructor, May/June 2005)  Students who read several books throughout the summer are shown to maintain or increase their reading ability.  Just like sports and other activities, the more you practice reading, the better you will be. 

Given that information, we would like to continue with our second Annual Summer Postcard Extravaganza.  We at Lafayette Mills School want to hear all about the books you are reading this summer!  We are asking that each time you read a book, you take the time to fill out a postcard (online on our homepage OR create a postcard of your own) and tell us a little bit about what you are reading.  You can use your own ideas or use one of the prompts on the following pages to share your thoughts about your book.  Postcards can either be mailed OR dropped off at Lafayette Mills School in the “Readers’ Mailbox” or at the Monmouth County Public Library – Manalapan Headquarters in the Children’s Section. 

Every child who participates will be recognized in the fall upon returning to school. At each grade level, the child who sends the most postcards will be recognized in a special way.  In addition, the class that sends the most postcards will be the recipient of the Lafayette Mills Traveling Trophy and another special surprise!  Lastly, one lucky random postcard will be drawn on LMTV on Friday, September 12, 2014 for the grand prize* – that student will have the opportunity to be “Principal/Assistant Principal for the Day” at Lafayette Mills! The more postcards you send, the greater your chance of winning the big prize!  So are you ready to read and write to us?!

Please feel free to use the summer reading list which includes a variety of levels for each grade so you can help your child find “just right books.”  Remember, these books are suggestions, and the children are encouraged to read other books as well.  (All we ask is that students read books that are appropriate for their level to keep things fair.)

We ask that you encourage your child’s interest in reading and encourage him/her to read regularly.  We also encourage you to make this a family activity.  Share your children’s book selections by reading together and engaging in lively conversations at the dinner table, in the car, or at the pool.  Children will become better readers, and you can join them in this great adventure.

We can’t wait to hear from you over the next two months! 

Have a great summer and happy reading from all of us at Lafayette Mills!

Lafayette Mills Staff Supports Autism Awareness Month!

Congratulations! Teacher of the year: Mrs. Convey & Support Staff Person of the year: Mrs. Evangelista


Lafayette Mills School honors students each month who have exhibited great strength in a set of identified character traits also known as the six pillars of character. These pillars include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. At the end of each month, one student from each class is recognized as an outstanding role model of the traits and he/she receives a Student of the Month certificate. 

A Lafayette Mills School Citizen of the Month:

  • Treats other students with kindness
  • Demonstrates responsibilitly
  • Exhibits consistent effort in academic areas
  • Demonstrates pride in the school community
  • Exhibits self-discipline
  • Demonstrates good manners consistently 

It is the hope of the staff that through the use of the Character Education program, students will develop and maintain positive character traits, self-esteem, and a sense of community.